Raspberry Pi Prototype PCB (v0.20)

March 5, 2012

** UPDATE: You can get the next generation board at tindie.com in the DTronixs store

Now that the Raspberry Pi is launched, I thought I would share a simple prototype board I’ve make for it. The PCB design was made using Design Spark PCB

For circuits requiring more power than the RPi 3.3V output can supply, the board features a on-board 3.3V regulator which can be powered either from the RPi 5V or from an external +7V to 12V DC adapter. The 3.3V regulator circuit can be made from through hole or surface mount components. There’s also a 14-pin SOIC footprint on the PCB for soldering SM chips.

The schematic is here

** UPDATE: The first PCB’s have arrived see further details here **