October 18, 2017

A few weeks back we were in eDay6 at Gateshead Central Library. This is the 6th year we’ve been at this great event.

For those who don’t know what eDay is: eDay is a local digital skills day where various digital technologies are demonstrated to an enquiring general public. A sort-of geeky show and tell where local groups and individuals meet at Gateshead Central Library and show off their projects or what interests them.

Maker Space has played a mayor role since it first started 6-years ago with demonstrations on 3D Printers, CNC machines, Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi. Other were there with Quad Copter racing, Ham Radio and retro.


October 12, 2016

Earlier in the month we participated in eDay5 at Gateshead Central Library. From the number at the end of eDay you can probably guess it was the 5th year we’ve been helping out at this great event.

For those who don’t know what eDay is, eDay is a local digital skills day where various digital technologies are demonstrated to an enquiring general public. A sort-of geeky show and tell where local groups and individuals meet at Gateshead Central Library and show off their projects or what interests them.

Maker Space has played a mayor role since it first started 5-years ago with demonstrations on 3D Printers, Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi. Other groups  provided demonstrations of Oculus Rift,  music, Ham Radio, DJing, retro computing and gaming and Lego Mindstorm.

There are some write ups of previous eDays here:



For myself, I took along my two Raspberry Pi based arcade machines: R-Kade and R-Kade Mini and in addition an early build of my latest project Pi project: a pretty large LED Display.


Check out Twitter for @gatesheadlibs  and #eday5

Maker Faire UK 2015

April 27, 2015

Maker Faire UK 2015 is over for another year 😦

But it was another great weekend of meeting fellow makers and creatives from around the UK and the world.

With my fellow local makers, I was on the Maker Space stand with various great projects on display. Ed’s 1D Pong, my R-Kade, Jon’s Over Eng’d, Iain, Tommy and Alistair’s Christmas window (I know we’re into April), Glen’s 3D Printer and EggBot, Chris B’s LED cubes, Chris D’ custom retro console, Rosie with her sewing.

Hightlights of the weekend for me where:

Meeting up [again :-)] with Aaron from Oomlout was there again.

Likewise meeting up with Mitch Altman of TV-B-Gone fame and co-founder of Noisebridge was there again.

low cost pick n place machine from http://www.liteplacer.com/

mini cnc from http://www.minimillcnc.com/

LinkIT one from MediaTek and Seeed http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/LinkIt-ONE-p-2017.html

and meeting a great number of other makers from the UK, Europe and rest of the world was great was well.

The Saturday night meet up in the Union Rooms for food and beer was a great night out. Lots and lots of people showed up and a few didn’t get back home until the very early hours on Sunday morning 🙂

Maker Faire UK is back

January 30, 2013

Maker Faire is back in the UK on Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th of April 2013. Once again it’s being held in Newcastle.

More details here:

The previous Maker Faires were great events and we thoughly enjoyed going to them. This year Newcastle Maker Space and many of the other UK Maker and Hacker spaces will have a big presence.

There’s also a Mini Maker Faire on Saturday 7th April 2013 in Edinburgh. More details here:


Newcastle Raspberry Jam 30th October 2012

October 31, 2012

Last night saw the first Raspberry Jam in Newcastle. I’m pleased to say it went very well.

It was organised by Newcastle’s Maker Space and held at the Centre for Life. Around 40-ish tickets were booked and about 2/3’s showed up on the evening.

We started early at 5.30pm and continued late into the night finishing at about 9.00pm. The format for the evening was informal with a number of maker space members  giving demonstrations and show and tells for their Raspberry Pi projects.

For the demonstrations and show and tells, we had Jon showing his retro video gaming Pi running a NES emulator. Jon was also show and telling about his adventures in getting the RPi and mobile 3G dongle to work together. Glen, had set up his XMBC media server on the large TV the Centre for Life had provided us for the evening. Alistair was discussing interfacing to his RPi and Chris was showing off not one but two RPi’s.Where one Pi was controlling the on’s and off’s of the row of LED’s connected to the second RPi via a web-browser over the internet. Cool.

Myself, I had a RPi running scratch which saw a lot of attention for the younger audience . I also had my Pi robotic car on show but still not quite ready to give it a spin.

Final, I must  say thanks to all those Makers who helped out with the demo’s and show and tells. Thanks to all the people who came along to support us. And, a final thank you to the staff at the Centre for Life for the room and helping out during the evening.

Maker Space celebrates with a Raspberry Pie

July 19, 2012

Last night saw the Maker Space in Newcastle celebrate a whole year of hosting its regular and free open sessions.

The Open Sessions happen every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month as well as a all day weekend workshop on the last Saturday of the month.

To celebrate we had the usual snacks but my wonderful wife baked us a lovely Raspberry Pie, actually a Raspberry sponge cake as we eat the pie at home the night before 🙂

On the night we had a couple of 3D printers making stuff, the Spaces MakerBot (on loan from Jay) and Will’s new RepRap. There was a great discussion about how to use both Ardunio’s and Raspberry Pi’s for a garden monitoring project.

In all a great night and here’s to celebrating again next year

Super Monday: Makers and Hardware Hacking

May 28, 2012

Wow, May’s been a busy, busy month for me. My day time job has taken me off to foreign climates for most of it, while what little time I’ve had home has been spent messing around with the Raspberry Pi.

Returning to the end of the April, a number of us from the Maker Space were asked to given a short talk at the Super Monday group. I haven’t done any public speaking since my University days, so I was very nervous about it.

  • Cay Green give us a great talk on the history of 3D Printing and how hobbyists are lowering the entry cost
  • Ed Bisdee gave a talk, in his usual energetic style, about how easy the Arduino is get electronic projects up and running
  • I give a talk about the hardware hackability of the Raspberry Pi and
  • Nigel Hope introduced us the BeagleBone, a powerful and opensource development board.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. Videos from the night are here:


and Stuart Holmes wrote a nice review of the talks:


At last, a Raspberry Pi to play with…

April 18, 2012

After a long wait, I got my Raspberry Pi last week, Thursday 12th April to be precise 🙂

It wasn’t until Sunday till I found some time to get it set up and after little messing around trying to find a SD Card that would work in my old-ish PC I got it to boot up in Debian boot image found on the Raspberry Pi site.

I’m off to my local Maker Space in Newcastle to do a quick show and tell with it tonight..


Some pictures from the grand day:

Maker Space @ Newcastle

July 21, 2011

Last night (20th July 2011) saw the first drop in session for the Newcastle Maker Space.

A big thanks goes to Alistair and Brian for allowing us to use their office space at the Star and Shadow (and the tea and biscuits).

For those who couldn’t attend, we had about 10 or so makers turn up which is a good start considering it wasn’t advertised.

After a quick round of introductions, we got talking on what we would all like to get from a maker space. From the friendly discussions I think people want:

  • * A friendly drop in club to chat with others, seek advice on those troubling tech problems, show and tells etc.
  • * a workspace with space and access to equipment to work on their projects
  • * workshops to learn or help others

While the maker space finds its feet so to speak, we’ve palnning on drop in sessions every 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month. Check the Maker Space web site and discussion group for more details.