MiniPiio L293D board v0.10

September 7, 2012

** UPDATE: You can get these boards at in the DTronixs store **

Here’s the second of the new Raspberry Pi MiniPiio add-on boards.

This is a DC Motor controller using the venerable L293D from ST (and others). The L293D is dual H-Bridge driver capable of driving 36V DC and 600mA per H-Bridge.

The board was designed in Design Spark PCB and the schematic is here.

Here’s the L293D board fitted to a Raspberry Pi:

and here’s the L293D and RPi driving a pair of small DC motors. Hope fully this will be a small robot in time for e-day the Newcastle Maker Space is talking part of at Gateshead Central Library on 29th September.

MIDI breakout board for Raspberry Pi (v0.10)

March 18, 2012

** UPDATE #2 ** Check out latest post & board revision here
** UPDATE: You’ll be able to get these boards soon at in the DTronixs store

This is a simple Serial based MIDI breakout board for the Raspberry Pi.

It uses the Raspberry Pi hardware UART RX and TX from its expansion port to provide a “MIDI In” and “MIDI Out” function. ┬áThe board was designed in DesignSpark PCB and the schematic is here

Designspark PCB Arduino Duemilanove

July 18, 2010

Having used Easy-PC for a number of years it was easy to import the EagleCAD Arduino Duemilanove design into DesignSpark PCB.

Unfortunately zip files aren’t allowed in your basic WordPress blog, which is a bit of a nuisance so I’ll have to find another site to host them. I’ve checked out Google Code but they only seem to offer Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. The Duemilanove is covered by Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 and I can’t get Google Code to use the earlier CC version.