MiniPiio = MiniPi I/O

June 11, 2012

MinPiio (or  MiniPi I/O) is a name given to a number of small add-on boards designed for use with the Raspberry Pi. Each board measures a small 50mm x 40mm, connects to the Raspberry Pi’s expansion header and does a specific type of I/O.

Boards being built as we speak include a RS232 interface, mini prototyping board, 16ch Digital I/O board and a high current Digital Output board. Other boards in the pipeline include a CAN Bus interface, RS485/DMX512 Interface, Relay Board and a thermocouple board.

Super Monday: Makers and Hardware Hacking

May 28, 2012

Wow, May’s been a busy, busy month for me. My day time job has taken me off to foreign climates for most of it, while what little time I’ve had home has been spent messing around with the Raspberry Pi.

Returning to the end of the April, a number of us from the Maker Space were asked to given a short talk at the Super Monday group. I haven’t done any public speaking since my University days, so I was very nervous about it.

  • Cay Green give us a great talk on the history of 3D Printing and how hobbyists are lowering the entry cost
  • Ed Bisdee gave a talk, in his usual energetic style, about how easy the Arduino is get electronic projects up and running
  • I give a talk about the hardware hackability of the Raspberry Pi and
  • Nigel Hope introduced us the BeagleBone, a powerful and opensource development board.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. Videos from the night are here:

and Stuart Holmes wrote a nice review of the talks:

C64 v Raspberry Pi face-off

April 20, 2012

At Wednesday’s Open Session at our Maker Space, Jon was giving a Commodore 64 an MOT and I had a Raspberry Pi on show.

By the end of the session, the C64 was sorted and we had gotten VICE a C64 emulator working on the RPi. So we had a good old fashion face off between them.

Pictures here:

C64 v Raspberry Pi face-offC64 v Raspberry Pi face-offC64 v Raspberry Pi face-off

At last, a Raspberry Pi to play with…

April 18, 2012

After a long wait, I got my Raspberry Pi last week, Thursday 12th April to be precise 🙂

It wasn’t until Sunday till I found some time to get it set up and after little messing around trying to find a SD Card that would work in my old-ish PC I got it to boot up in Debian boot image found on the Raspberry Pi site.

I’m off to my local Maker Space in Newcastle to do a quick show and tell with it tonight..


Some pictures from the grand day:

Raspberry Pi – An ARM Linux box for $25

August 30, 2011

I’ve been a fan David Braben work since his (and Ian Bell’s) awesome Elite video game from the 80’s.

It was with great interested when I read about his latest hardware venture “Raspberry Pi” – An ARM Linux box for $25.

The specs for the Raspberry Pi are impressive

  • credit-card-sized
  • Broadcom BCM2835 application processor
  • Ethernet interface using LAN9512 at the $35 price point
  • 128MB of RAM at the $25 price point
  • 256MB of RAM at the $35 price point


The first alpha PCB’s are back and they have successfully managed to get Linux working on them, with their latest blog entries showing the boards running a port of Quake 3.

With shipping quoted for the end of 2011, I know what I want for Christmas this year 🙂