Raspberry Pi ArcadeIO board

Here’s the first build of the Raspberry Pi ArcadeIO board. It originally started as a requirement to upgrade my R-Kade Pi based mini cabinet.



You can find them on Tindie here.


2 Responses to Raspberry Pi ArcadeIO board

  1. Tandgnissle says:

    Nice, definitely interested. I’m wondering though, if you do have enough gpio pins left over so would it would be possible to have a pass through to a RGBS or VGA out board or even incorporate it into this? Also I’m thinking about a second set of inputs, would it be possible to make these stackable and have logic that enables the input through some pin? That way you could quickly cycle through the different boards.

    • zuzebox says:

      I’ve been thinking video pass through as well. So far I’ve got an idea to make a Pi JAMMA board

      I considered a second player set of screw terminal but the Pi just doesn’t have enough GPIO pins. I’ve used 16x GPIO to implement a “standard” set of inputs, so for two players I would need 32x GPIO but the PI only has 26 😦

      I suppose you could reduce the number of inputs for each player or I could add additional I/O in the form of a couple of port expanders but that would add cost. If there’s enough demand I’ll do it that way.

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