eDay3 Over for another year

September 27, 2014

Today saw the 3rd eDay technology and maker event take place at Gateshead Central Library. Wow 3 years.

Maker Space was there again with 3D Printing Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. Over Eng’D and Polar Pong gave a new meaning to the words physical computing with a mass of stepper motors and pulleys. R-Kade my Raspberry Pi mini arcade was brought out again to entertain those people wanting a trip down video gaming history. Who would have guesses that Pacman, Galaga and Donkey Kong would still appeal the younger audience.

The local radio amateur group, Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club (ANARC) were there for the first time. They had brought various radio receivers and transceivers for us to listen too.

The local Imperial Troop from the 99th Garrison made sure no droids got lost during the days proceedings 🙂 The Stormtroopers, Tie Fighter pilots, Bounty Hunters and Imperial Officers made an impressive sight.

There was also Vector 76 with oculus rift, html workshops, Retro Gaming, ChromeBuild Lego sessions and drop-in maker activities from Victoria Bradbury.