RPi-X SensoRPi – 2nd prototype with different connectors

February 10, 2014

Here’s some photos of the second RPi-X SensoRPi which uses 2.1mm DC barrel style connectors instead of the 4mm connectors the first prototype used.


Here’s a picture of of the SensoRPi board and the 2.1mm DC connectors


And here’s a picture of the 2.1mm DC barrel to crocodile/alligator clips.


RPi-X SensoRPi – more photos & update

February 9, 2014

We’ve got a couple of more photos to show you. This time the RPi-X SesnoRPi is mounted into a case.

RPi-X_SensoRPi+PiBow2 RPi-X_SensoRPi+PiBow1

Mounted into a case the SensoRpi is extremely ridged.

We’ve continued testing and the electronics are all confirmed working. So far we’ve tested it using Python and RPi.GPIO, next we’ll be testing it using Scratch with the GPIO extensions from Simon at Cymplecy.

Once we completed our Scratch software testing will be looking to extend our testing to Gordon’s wiringPi and RPIO

RPi-X SensoRPi – first photos

February 3, 2014

Here’s some photos of the first partially built boards: