MiniPiio AIN4

We’ve been working on a new MiniPiio module for the Raspberry Pi.

Lately we’ve being making a lot of digital I/O modules so we thought it was time to do something analogue. So we’ve design a 4-ch analog to digital board. It uses a either 10-bit MCP3004 or 12-bit MCP3204 ADC from Microchip.

Prototypes of the board are being made and we’ll have them soon.


2 Responses to MiniPiio AIN4

  1. shimniok says:

    Greetings! Just ran across your blog/boards looking for RPi + Prop board and, just scanning through a few minutes here, I see you are up to all kinds of fun stuff… wow. If I might ask, where do you get your boards fabbed? Also, are you on Tindie?

    • zuzebox says:

      If I’ve got time spare to wait for delivery, then I use or both in China, but if I need them quickly I’ll use Olimex in Europe.

      I am on Tindle, I’ve just not found time to listed any of the boards yet.


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