PropBerry – Propeller & Raspberry Pi combo

For PropBerry, I was thinking using a Parallax Propeller* (or just Prop) as a super i/o co-processor for the RPi where the Prop would be used to offload the real-time I/O and let the RPi handle the higher program features. After talking about this combo on the Parallax forums, the Props VGA video capabilities were mentioned which got me thinking about using the PropBerry as a VGA serial terminal console and shelve the i/o co-processor idea for now.

The Parallax community is great and they’ve released a lot of good stuff. One of the things I remember (from about 2009) was Vincent Briel’s PockeTerm terminal software for the Prop. Using this on a Propeller Demo Board gives us a VGA video output and PS/2 keyboard for user input. A serial interface connects the Propeller demo board to the Raspberry Pi.

Now we got our bits together lets see if we can make them work 🙂

* The Parallax P8X32A Propeller chip (or just Prop) is a cool chip. It is a multi-core architecture parallel microcontroller with eight 32-bit RISC CPU cores (cogs) which share a common hub of 32K-RAM

4 Responses to PropBerry – Propeller & Raspberry Pi combo

  1. Camilito says:

    Hello there!!

    I just got my rasπ yesterday and I have a Propeller demo Board too!!

    It is a good idea to use the Prop as a peripheral extension, and of course, as a serial terminal.

    I’m looking forward for these kind of projects, I also had that idea but unfortunately, only have laptops and don’t have PS/2 or USB keyboard 😦 .

    Greetings from Colombia.

    • zuzebox says:

      Thanks, yes the Propeller is a great companion for the Raspberry Pi, I’ve great hopes for it to be used as a simple VGA serial terminal console or as a super i/o.

  2. nohab says:

    I’m very interested in this project, have you taken any more steps?

    I know the Prop fairly well but on the RPi I’m a newbi, both with HW and Linux, Python etc. I’d love set up a serial connection between them.


    • zuzebox says:

      No sorry, it’s been put on the back burner. There was a interesting thread I started on the Parallax forums for it and someone has made a Prop add-on board. Check it out

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