Raspberry Pi Protoboard SM (V0.10)

** UPDATE: You can get these boards at tindie.com in the DTronixs store

We replaced the previous RPi Protoboard (v0.2) design with this new board design.

We’ve simplified the boards design by remove the 2.1mm power jack socket for using an external PSU wall adapter and the various jumpers and opted to use the Raspberry Pi’s own 5V supply instead. This means any circuit we build will be limited to the current we can source from the RPi supply but it should be good for up to 500mA with a decent wall adapter plugged into the RPi micro USB power socket. We also used surface mount components (hence the SM in the boards name) for all the components except for the connectors.

You’ll find the schematic is RPi_ProtoBoard_sm 0v10

10 Responses to Raspberry Pi Protoboard SM (V0.10)

  1. Nice articles. Have downloaded your scematics and will be playing with them and my pi

    Kind regards

    Computer shop v2

  2. Nate says:

    Hi, I would like one of these but I need to mount a 16pin chip, you only have space for a 14pin. Is it possible to expand this? 🙂

  3. Hello! For the life of me, I can’t figure out where to find the 26-pin connector you use. It seems to be taller than normal and a perfect fit for just that PCB layout.

    Could you post the part number and perhaps a link?

    • zuzebox says:

      Its a 3M part 8526-4500PL (RS 499-9702). It’s ideal as its height is ~10.5mm which when added to the 2.54mm height of the pin header plastic gives a height ~13mm which is the same as the RCA and RJ45 connectors.

  4. FL140 says:

    Hi, I really like to order 4 of those, can you please tell me where I can order them (shipment to Austria is required!)?

  5. Dean says:

    A suggestion for a NEW version of the board
    Include holes for the P5 header so someone can breakout all 21 GPIO on the rev2 by soldering in the P5 header from the top

    wouldn’t need much of a change to the PCB, just seperate the two larger GPIO connectors a little and shift the connectors up

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