RS232 Breakout Board (v0.20) for Raspberry-Pi

February 7, 2012

I found some time to finish of the design for the Raspbery Pi RS232 brakout board. I followed Frank Buss’s advice on the RPi forum and added a 3.3V regulator to give more current to the 3.3V for the prototyping area.

Schematics are here.

I’ve a couple more breakout boards in the works:

RPi_ProtoBoard – A basic prototyping board with a 3.3V regulator. The 3.3V regulator can be powered from an internal (i.e RPi 5V) or external (9V-12V PSU wall adapter) power source.

RPi_XBee – A XBee breakout board with on board power regulator and small prototyping area.

** UPDATE: The first PCB’s have arrived see here and heres the first built board **