Arduino PLC Software

The Ardunio PLC design I designed is nothing without software to drive it.

My initially thoughts was to hardcod the process logic using C programming code. This would involve reading from the AVR’s I/O pins with digitalRead() and writing back using digitalWrite(). Process Logic in-between the “in” and “out” instructions would be written using if’s, else’s and switch C statements to perform the desired logic task. After spending some time in the Raspberry-Pi forums, I realised this approach while fine for myself and other C programmers but it would not be suitable for beginners.

So, I’ve begun looking at ways to make a full PLC programming environment for the Arduino PLC.

A developer will write their PLC statements using a PC based environment such as free automation tools from and Beremiz and CoDeSys. Once the plc program is complete, it can download the control program to a IEC-61131 run time such as LDmicro, executing on the Arduino PLC hardware.

Some useful sites:

3 Responses to Arduino PLC Software

  1. Albert says:

    Hola, existe alguno open source? Lo estoy buscando para programar Ardbox que utiliza arduino Uno. lo podéis ver en

    • zuzebox says:

      I designed that board using EasyPC many years ago so I may have the files around somewhere, only problem is I no longer use EasyPC so won’t be able to open them.

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