Maker Faire UK 2011

The Maker Faire UK was back at Newcastle on the weekend 12th and 13th March 2011.

This year Abs and Sid were actually looking forward to going to the Faire, no arguments or huffy pants, in the back of the car they jumped and off we went.

This years Maker Faire as definitely bigger and better than last years. More floor space, more stands and more visitors.

In the makerspace, Abs decided to build a Maker Faire UK 2011 LED Badge, a RGB light thingy and a Drawdio noise making pencil. While Sid built the same LED badge and RGB light thingy but chose to build a LED light cube instead of the Drawdio.

It was great to meet some old friends and makers:

Aaron from Oomlout was there with their Arduino boards.

Jim and Kat from Sonodrome with their 555 step sequencer and their newest project an AUV (looking forward to seeing it fly Jim 🙂 )

Brian from Lab in a Box showing off his chemistry skills with his college showing off an early version of the OpenPCR.

Oli was there again with his interactive light table

John brought his UK101’s again and a new or should I say “old” Roland plotter churnning out coloured drawings.

and some new makers

Mark founder of Minty Geek was showing off their neat electronics kits.

Malcolm from Weird Motors with an array of homebuilt electric vehicles

Dave from BodgeitQuick with an impressive homebuilt RepRap

Martin showing off his mini ROV’s.

The legend poster that is Mike Cook (aka Grump Mike) from the Arduino forums showing off his Electric Harp and Hexome Arduino sequencer.

The world renouned hardware hacker Mitch Altman was there again working the maker area, helping the young and old to get making. The old guy from the Gadget Show was doing the rounds with a camera crew.

4 Responses to Maker Faire UK 2011

  1. That’s a nice writeup. It’s hard to do justice to everything that was happening over the weekend. It’s great seeing the faire go from strength to strength.

    I put together a short video on the train home after the faire which may be useful. I still need to update my post with link outs to everyone.

    • zuzebox says:

      It was another great weekend. So many people showing off so many great projects.

      It was great to talk to the people on their stands but I only wish I could have a chance to met (put a face to) and talk to the makers and bloggers i.e. those people from the various blogs and forums who make up the maker community, but were only visiting the faire. It would be great if visitors wore a name badge or something with their user name or avatar so you could stop and say “you’re such-and-such from thingymebob, I like your projects/posts/stories ….”

  2. Mike Cook says:

    I put up my video of the Fair at:-

    Cheers Mike

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