Sharing Project Files

One of the things that bugs me about is you can’t attach zip files or any file format that’s not a picture or word doc or pdf to your posts. This is a problem for me when I want to share schematics and PCB layouts of the projects I’m working on.

So I’ve been research for other ways I can share projects files through this blog.

There’s loads of online storage and collaborative sites I could choose from but I’ve narrowed the list to these four: is the favourite of the wordpress forums, a lot of Arduino project people use and and are popular amonst my programmer friends.

So which one to chose?

2 Responses to Sharing Project Files

  1. I’m not familiar with or but I would suggest github. seems to be more set up for large ongoing projects. You could either set up a new project for each post or have one “blog” project. The first way is more work for you and the second makes it harder to collaborate. Github seems to handle both large and small projects well and places a lot of emphasis on collaboration.

    • zuzebox says:

      Thanks for your suggestion Jonathan.

      I’ve set up an account with github now I just need to transfer some projects across.

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