Arduino PLC shield

I recently had a need for a simple digital controller something similar to a simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). I wanted to use the Arduino board I had but I couldn’t find any I/O shields that had the right mix of relay outputs (6) and opto-isolated inputs (6).

I know I could stack shields but the enclosure I had wouldn’t allow it. So I’ve put together a oversized (its a lot wider than your normal shield) Arduino PLC shield schematic which has 8x Relay channels and 6x Opto-Isolated channels and some analog inputs as well. The final number of relays and opto’s channels may change but I’ll post it and a PCB once it’s finished.

An update can be found here:
Arduino PLC v0.20

3 Responses to Arduino PLC shield

  1. Tomo says:

    I’m making a homebrew PLC (with some configurability, i/o mapping, scan cycle execution, a simple FBD-like IDE etc.) in Arduino. Glad to hear about your I/O shield plans.

  2. Kurtis says:

    I am also glad to see you are starting this project. I have just been using the cheap plc’s from facotymation, but I would love to find a way to use my Arduino instead.

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