X-DTV – Preliminary schematic and PCB v0.42

X-DTV is a project I’ve been working on with Yvo of xcores.org. The idea is to make a XS1-L1 64 based retro-minimalist homebrew game console similar in concept to the Uzebox and Zuzebox.

Like the X-One before it, X-DTV will use Yvo’s VDP video engine but instead of driving a VGA output it will drive a NTSC TV output. We hope to get PAL TV as well but the 35.46895MHz oscillators have proven difficult to get a hold off (If anyone know where we can get them off the shelve without a large MOQ then drop me a comment).

The X-DTV’s specification is:

  • XS1-L1 64 internally clocked to 400MHz with 64K RAM.
  • 5-bit R-2R Video DAC for driving NTSC
  • 2x NES or SNES D-PAD connectors
  • SD Card interface
  • Stereo PWM audio
  • XTAG-2 Interface
  • 2x 5-way XLINK for expansion

The latest (not quite complete) PCB is below:

A PDF of the schematic is here.

3 Responses to X-DTV – Preliminary schematic and PCB v0.42

  1. Dani says:


    very good project, very interesting! i’ll check your progress.

    On other hand, you can find 5V, 35Mhz oscillators on http://www.digikey.com:
    or mouser (3.3V and 5V):
    en Farnell solo he visto de 33.333mhz

    On other hand, do you think this NOT BGA processor can manage an external SRAM to create video on VGA or TFT controller? I mean video playing or static images or with little changes?

  2. zuzebox says:

    Hi Dani

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Thanks for the digikey links, the oscillator I need is 35.46895 MHz which is 8x PAL TV frequency so we can generate PAL TV output.

    I don’t think the XS1-L1 64-pin use in this design has enough spare pins to connect to a external RAM, but its bigger brother XS1-L1 128-pins should have enough pins.

  3. Uh, wow — that is super impressive. Keep up the fantastic work!

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