Zuzebox – at last the PCB is started

I finally found some time to start the PCB for Zuzebox (a Uzebox compatible retro-minimalist homebrew game console). I’m hoping to squeeze it all into a 100mm x 100mm board so I can use Seeedstudio’s Fusion / Propaganda PCB service. The picture below only shows about half the components laid out, so I think the final PCB is going to be busy.

Zuzebox - starting PCB layout

2 Responses to Zuzebox – at last the PCB is started

  1. FlorinC says:

    Did you see the Duino644? Originally designed to be used with the 16×24 LED display from Sure Electronics, I realized that it can also be used as the base for a uzebox game console. Just plug in the “uzebox shield” (under construction) and there you have it.
    What are the two 16-pin DIP ICs in the picture?

    • zuzebox says:

      I’ve seen the Duino644 it looks a cool project and I like your Uzebox shield. I had thought about making a Uzebox board that included the Arduino’s expansion shield layout then you can have expand the Uzebox using the Arduino shields.

      The two 16-pin DILs are 4021 parallel to serial IC’s. I’ve added them to allow classic Atari / C64 / Sega Mega 9-pin D style joysticks to be added to Zuzebox. The Uzebox kernel only accepts NES or SNES controllers so to maintain compatibility the 4021’s allow the 9-pin joysticks to be emulated as NES style D-Pads.

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