Manic Miner on X-One Console

As promised in my post of 15th October, here’s some screen shots of Manic Miner on my Xmos XC-2 based X-One console. So far I’ve only coded level 1 and I need to add code for the SNES controllers and game play and off course the rest of the 20 levels to finish it off.

Manic Miner Lvl 1

The graphics were hand coded by extracting the pixel data and colour attributes for the first level from a Manic Miner ZX spectrum binary. A very mandraulic process involving switching between two editors and a couple of editor macros but it got the job done. I used Andrew Broads and Icemans (Chris Wild) excellent web sites for the screen layout information. The video engine is Yvo’s VDP for the XC-2 which provides up to 2 backgrounds and up to 32 sprites (8×8, 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 etc)

Manic Miner on X-One
Watch this space more to come.

4 Responses to Manic Miner on X-One Console

  1. […] Tony has been beavering away on the XMOS version of Manic Miner using the VDP core! Awesome […]

  2. ELENA says:

    eisia kala Sparkfu

  3. Blimey, I didn’t even know that this existed. I have played Manic Miner on emultators but wouldn’t mind getting me one of those.

    • zuzebox says:

      Wow, I’d almost forgot about my Xmos stuff. My friend Yvo is doing something really special with the Xmos and video games, I’ll report whats he’s up to when its finished. Can’t say more than that 🙂

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