The XMOSLinkers site has another interesting project involving XMOS multicore processors. This time its Corin Rathbone from Bristol University NetScope that is worthy of blog mention.

NetScope is a multfunction instrument with a 2ch Oscilloscope and 8-ch Logic Analyser. The instruments specification is as follows:

  • * Analogue Channels: 2
    * Analogue Channels Maximum Sampling Rate: 40 Msps
    * Analogue Bandwidth: 20 MHz
    * Vertical Resolution: 12 bits
    * Dynamic Range: 72 dB
    * Analogue Input: 1M / 15pF BNC
    * Analogue Input Coupling: AC/DC (Software Controlled)
    * Analogue Input Voltage Range: -5V to +5V (In 1x Mode)
    * Analogue Input Absolute Maximum Voltage Range: -5.5 to 5.5V

    * Digital Channels: 8
    * Digital Channels Maximum Sampling Rate: 50 Msps
    * Digital Voltage Range: 0-5V
    * Digital Absolute Maximum Voltage Range: -0.5 to 5.5V
    * Digital Logic Level High: 2V

  • In addition the instrument has its own web server and user connects to it through a standard web browser. Standard HTML pages show the scope traces with data from the analogue or digital inputs is
    displayed to the user via scalable vector graphics (SVG).

    Corins prototype consisted of a XMOS XS1-G Development Kit (XDK) and a set of custom PCB’s for the fast ADC and signal condition electronics. His boards were designed and laid out using KiCad, with the majority of the components surface mount.


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