List of Homebrew Video Games Consoles

You don’t need a Wii, PS3 or Xbox to have a great gaming experience. If you really want to get to know the hardware of a video game console then build one of the many cool designs available on the web (or if you’re really cool design one yourself). Some are one chip designs, some are multichip almost computer like designs and the others somewhere in between. Most are powered by 8-bit micros, one or two have 16-bit micros and a few use 32-bit micros.

While Uzebox is one of my favourite homebrew games consoles, there are a number of other projects out there:

If you know of any others please add a comment and I’ll update this list over time.

3 Responses to List of Homebrew Video Games Consoles

  1. Great blog – I will keep an eye on your Xmos based board.

    Since you asked about homebrew consoles I thought I’d mention mine.

    PropCade is based on the Parallax P8X32, however it is designed for 100MHz operation, for a theoretical maximum of 200MIPS (8 cores @ 25MIPS each).

    PropCade does VGA + video, has a uSD connector, supports SPI ram’s and has two Sega/Atari style joystick ports.

    There is more information at:



    • zuzebox says:

      Thanks Bill

      I’ve seen your PropCade on the Propeller forums, a very impressive board. I’m member “TonyD”, a rather quiet forum member 🙂

      Note for my diary – I really most find some time to update the list to include your board and a couple of other boards I’ve found.

  2. Hi Tony!

    I just got back from UPEW 2011.. it was great. I popped by, and I see you updated your list 🙂

    Right now, I am working like crazy on the docs for all of the new products I introduced. The most “fun” one is RoboProp.



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