Uzebox – A retro minimalist open source game console

The Uzebox project, by Alec “Uze” B is a minimalist open sourced 8-bit game console.The Uzebox design contains only two chips: an ATmega644 and an AD725 RGB-to-NTSC converter and is designed to be easy and fun to build and program by any hobbyists.

  • Specifications
  • CPU: ATmega644 microcontroller
  • Total RAM: 4K
  • Program Memory: 64K
  • Speed: 28.61818Mhz (Overclocked)
  • Colors: 256 simultaneous colors arranged in a 3:3:2 color space (Red:3 bits, Green:3 bits, Blue: 2 bits)
  • Resolution: Up to 240×224 pixels (tiles-only and tiles-and-sprites modes)
  • Sprites: Up to 32 simultaneous sprites on screen at any time
  • Video output: NTSC Composite and S-Video
  • Sound: 4 channels wavetable, 8-bit mono, mixed at ~15Khz and output via PWM
  • Inputs: Two NES/SNES compatible joypad inputs
  • Options: MIDI-in interface and s-video output
  • To showcase Uzeboxs power have a look at Alec’s fully functional Tetris clone named “AVR Megatris”.

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